Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Headbands and flowers

Some time ago I saw a bunch of blog posts about making flowers with felt. Some were put on headbands and some on pins. I also saw some pretty cool designs on pillows.

These were my attempt at that fad. I do like the end results mostly, but I don't wear blingy head stuff. My daughter has worn a few but mostly they just hang on hooks, looking pretty and alone.

Just in case there are people who have not done this yet, or are wondering if it is hard, let me advise.
Super easy and instant gratification (which I love).

All you need is different colors of felt, scissors, lighter or candle, and a glue gun. I had a little bowl of water nearby in case of extra burnage too.

If you are going to do rosettes you can follow the tutorial here (scroll down a bit). Or you can just freehand flower shapes. I also cut out some leaf shapes.
I held the cut ends over a candle flame for a second, some of them I did too long and really darkened them. Again, that is why the bowl of water

Once you have your flowers you can use your hot glue gun and glue them right to the headbands. If you want you can cut a small circle of felt and glue that to the inner part of the headband to cover the (potential) glue mess.
Being the creative girl that I am I decided to vary the inner part with buttons, rhinestones, beads, etc.
This is definitely a craft I would consider getting out for the kids to do. Of course if you are a safe mom, you will do the flame part. My kiddos are a bit older then the kiddos from the blogs I read.

Just for fun here is a shot of my #2 son in the suit he just had to have for his 6th grade 'celebration'. Yes, that is a purple shirt and yes, those are converse. But isn't he cute squinting in the sun?

And for those of you who thought your kids' school ended the latest, my kidlets last day was today:)

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Mindie Hilton said...

grabbing your button now. Hope to see you at the linky party!

Ashley said...

i think they turned out cute! i love them on head bands!!!

Alicia said...

they turned out so cute! amazing what a little felt and hot glue can accomplish!!

Ang @ Sparkles and Bugs said...

They did turn out cute! I thought my kids did get out late on June 9th, but Wow yours really did get out late :)

I'm glad you stopped by my blog, I hope you'll stop by again for my "Fitness Fridays." I'd love to help keep you accountable if you want to check in with me :)

Ang @ Sparkles and Bugs said...

Hi Tanya! Just thought I'd let you know about this weeks "Fitness Friday" I hope you'll check it out, just sending the motivation and love your way! :)

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

So cute. I love the beautiful colors. Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment on my blog BTW. I agree that the music is buggy sometimes. {I often have my own music playing, so it's not always pleasant!}

Warmly, Michelle

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