Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Week #1

So, I have been wasting a lot of time researching things on Pinterest. There are so many fabulous ideas on there! 

I decided to make one thing every week (maybe I can even be consistent and be every Wednesday) that has been inspired by Pinterest and do a post about it.

I know this is not generally a food blog but bare with me, I like food and I like to make it. A couple weeks ago was my #2 sons' 13th birthday. I knew I wanted to make him a cool cake and when I found this awesome cat litter cake at Mo Momma I knew that was it.

I pretty much followed her tutorial, which is a good one. I could not find blue Nerds anywhere. Only purple and pink. But I think it looks authentic anyway.
 We have five cats so that made for some fun and interesting photos!

My daughter and her best friend helped with the cake. The turds they created were far more realistic then mine. And of course they wanted in some of the pictures.

My daughter Emma on the right, her bestie Eden on the left
This was not all fun and games of course. Litter boxes have smell and the poor girls suffered and even ate some turds.

Tyler was not too sure what to think when we brought it out and sang 'Happy Birthday'. Almost like he thought it was real or something.

But in the end he loved the cake. Even if it looked really gross. 

Of course now I have set a pretty high standard for myself. Two of the kids have birthdays in December and one in January. And they all want something as cool as this.

So, I guess I will have to search on Pinterest some more to find another epic birthday cake.

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Amy @MoMomma said...

Wow, it turned out Great! Nice job! Thanks for letting me know you tried it out. Maybe we can collaborate for your next 2 epic birthdays! haha

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Okay, that is seriously so disgusting and awesome at the same time. Oh, and by the way, yours looks even better than the original. :)

Catherine said...

Oh man! These cakes make me cringe but at the same time I think they are so awesome! :)

lindsay said...

Oh my! This is disgusting and awesome all at the same time! I'm totally making this for my husband for his birthday!!!
Xo- your new follower

Amanda @ Ninth Street Notions said...

Turned out great, but my, is that disgusting looking. ;) Thanks for sharing. Come link up sometime at I Made It! Monday.

Heather {Simply Cottage Love} said...

How perfect for a 13 year old boy! I'll have to keep this in mind for when the twins turn 13. I had heard about this cake, but had yet to see a pic. Pretty funny! Good luck with Christmas and birthdays! oy!

Lisa said...

It's cute when they hold their noses.


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