Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sewing projects

Wow, I am way more of a slacker then I thought. I can't believe it has been 20 days since my last post. It has been wild around here. My graduation ceremony was last weekend. I am now officially a Certified Pharmacy Technician.
My sis Sasha, me, and my bro Alex
3/4 of my kiddos and me
Me and my dad
Me and my mama

 Here is the finished purse I made for my bestie:

I have been sewing a lot. I made this purse following the pattern I found here. It is called the Debut Purse. 
I had a great time finding fabric for this. And I love the button closure. The angles are a little sharp for me though. 

I modified the pattern and made one for my sister for Mother's Day. I love the shape of this one. 
I added an inside pocket to this one. I really wanted to keep this one, I hope she uses the heck out of it:)

My daughter was invited to a birthday party and I thought I would make her friend a cute little purse. Little girls love purses. 
The fabric was in a little bundle at JoAnns, not sure what it is called. I wanted something that was pretty but still little girlish. 

I can't remember what website I found the pattern on. I only used the shape though. I changed the straps and added a snap closure and a pocket.
Her friend really liked it.

I was having a difficult time figuring out what to do for my mom's birthday. For Mother's Day I got her this:
 I know that I am a great daughter. I had to find something great for her birthday and I wanted to make it myself. 
I found a great tutorial here.
This is what I ended up with
 Mom loves it, or at least she told me she does:)

I have a ton of stuff planned for the next couple weeks. My man and my dad both have birthdays next weekend and then fathers day is just after. I will be busy.

I promise to post more often. I have so many ideas it just is a challenge to be able to just sit and type for a few minutes.
Love you guys.

 I am linked up here at 30 handmade days.


Kathy Trudeau said...

I adore those purses!!! I love purses a lot....and I have some totally have some way awesome fabric that would make awes puses.....maybe we could go into business making one of a kind purses! Wouldn't that be fun???

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