Friday, May 6, 2011

A new purse

I am super excited today because I have been using my sewing machine. I was having some serious withdrawals from just looking at it. Strange how a couple months ago I did not have any desire to sew anything.
Our anniversary was a week ago and I wanted to make Paul something that he could use. He has been barbequing for us whenever he has a chance so I made him an apron. I did not use a pattern or a tutorial. I know what an apron looks like and I knew what I wanted it to look like. I just kinda went from there.
Paul was super happy and super surprised. 
I even bought chicken buttons for the neck strap. Um yeah, Paul is a little obsessed with chickens. He treats ours like his babies. But that is another blog post. 
The one thing I am going to change is the letters for his name. I was not using my head and sewed the pocket on before the letters so I had to rely on the iron on stickiness. Needless to say, the adhesive left something to be to be desired. I will hand sew them this weekend. 
Yesterday I was feeling that urge again. I looked up the tutorial I had posted last week for the cell phone case and got to sewing. I found some great chicken fabric the other day and Paul was quite eager to have a cell phone holder out of said fabric. I told you, he is obsessed. I don't have a picture of it as of yet but it turned out decent. I added a snap to it and that was difficult to sew on but it works. I also added a belt loop thingy so he can hang it on his pants at work.
When that was finished I was still feeling the need to sew. I have had all sorts of ideas in the last few weeks of what I want to make. Some of these things are from different blogs (that are awesome) and some are just in my head. 
I found some really great fabric(isn't it all great?) and did some cutting and sewing and embellishing and when I was done I had a pretty great purse. I finished it up this morning.

I put pockets on the inside for my WW point counter, tweezers, (what? I have eyebrows ok) cell phone and a pen. 
There is also a pocket on the front. I am loving it. My mom and I went to JoAnns today and the lady at the cutting counter complimented it! It is so nice to be able to tell someone that I made that. When we were there I bought the fabric for the duffel bag I am making Paul for his birthday next month.
One more thing, last week Paul built me some shelves for the hall closet so I had a good place for my fabric. I love it! He did such a great job. I can see what I have now and that makes it easier to become inspired. I will try and get some pictures and post them later.
It has been a super productive couple days. I am looking forward to doing more sewing over the weekend. 
I hope all you moms have a great Mothers Day.

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~Beth D. said...

looks great!

A Nest in the Making said...

I love the purse! And what a great idea to put the different pockets for exactly what you need!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kristi @ A Nest in the Making

Ashley said...

i love it!!! love the fabric:)

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