Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to make clay mushrooms

Sorry for my lack of posting. Had a busy couple days. 

One of the many crafts I have been liking is working with Fimo clay. You can make anything with that stuff. Over the weekend my daughter and I made some Mario Bros mushrooms and those were super fun. I wanted some more realistic looking mushrooms. And if they aren't realistic at least they remind me of vintagy (is that a word?) pictures that I like.

First thing is to get out all your supplies. I swear I had a picture of this but it is not on my camera now. Maybe I deleted it. I don't know. So I will let you enjoy this pic of my kiddos a couple years ago.

 I know, super cute.

Here are the things you will need:
  • Clay
  • knife ( I use an old paring knife)
  • eye pins
  • cookie sheet (for baking the mushrooms on)
First thing you need to do is condition the clay, or soften it. You can't do anything with it before cause it will probably crack and it is super hard. Cut a few smallish pieces of the white clay and squeeze them to make them warm up. Once that is done roll them into a tootsie roll type shape. Take another small bit of white and roll it into a super skinny snake. This picture is from above so you can't really see how tall but I would say about 1 1/2 inches.

Then you will want to condition your red or whatever you decided on for the caps of the mushrooms. Form them into balls and flatten them out.

this shows what happens to your fingers. my advice is to go from lightest to darkest.
Now you get out your knife and start cutting super small bits of your snake. These will go on the caps. 
Roll these into tiny balls and press them at random into the mushroom caps.
When you have enough you will press the cap onto the white tootsie roll. Shape it how you like, realistic or funky.
The next step requires some small wire cutters or something to shorten the eye pins. Trim the eye pin to size and poke it in the top of the mushroom.
I should add that this step is only necessary if you are going to want to hang it on something. I am thinking about key chains maybe. So if you just want a little mushroom family you can skip this part. Just make sure the bottoms are flat so they can stand on their own.

Arrange your mushrooms on a cookie sheet so they are not touching and bake according the manufactures directions. Mine did not feel completely hard until they cooled off. 

Once that is done you can use them however you want. 
Some of the other ones I made at the same time.
This was super fun and easy peasy (sorry I really like saying that)

If you make any of these I would enjoy seeing pictures.

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Ashley said...

thanks for the comment on my pillow~
the clay mushrooms are sooo darling.. i like the idea for a key chain! my cousin loves mushroom things.. ill have to try it out :)

Kathy Trudeau said...

Love these mushrooms, I have a fimo oven and cutters and molds too...when I get back we could use them.....yes??? I love, love, love working with fimo makes awesome jewelry!

Sasha said...

Awesome Tanya! I love that you are so good at explaining things. You are so cute and crafty! Love ya sis!

claire said...

how cute are these!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I love the cartoonish look. When I was little, we used to make clay food for our American Girl dolls (or was it for our Barbies?? Can't remember) and it was such a fun craft.

Andrea said...

These are so swesome! I saw a set of some cool bigger mushrooms at Pier 1 and they kind of got me started on a decorative mushroom kick! So I've been keeping an eye out for cute ones. Love these! And you could use the same design theory to make some cute mushrooms out of fondant or sugar paste for a cake! Wonderful Tutorial! =D


Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Ooh! These are SO cute! :)

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