Friday, April 1, 2011

Switch plate, mirrors, and owls

So, there are a few things that I have been working on this week. I decided wanted to Modpodge our switch plates because they were boring and I saw them on Whoopdwhoop and thought I could make them myself.
I have not done all of them yet. Here is the outside of the bathroom:
 And this is the inside:
Umm yeah, it is an old house. All of the painting was done over things. So here is my fail practice for the week.
I am working on the rest, I have the kitchen and the living room done. Little by little I guess.

I love owls. In case you didn't know. I really wanted to make one out of clay. So I looked up how to make them and found this:
youtube video . She also has an Etsy shop.
Here is what I made
I need more clay so I can make some more owls. And mushrooms.

My bestie Misty and I decided to make this awesome mirror that even rivals mine:)here
It was quite an endeavor to keep the dog and the baby entertained so we could do this.
 After we cut out the cardboard for the base and started to arrange the silverware. We had a few less then the tutorial used but we made do.

 Once we had them arranged how we wanted them we hot glued them onto the base. This took copious amounts of glue.

 A bonus cute baby shot
 We decided that we needed more cardboard so we cut some.
 We glued the plate onto the base of cardboard and silverware, then we glued the mirror to the plate. This was where Misty went home and got her glue gun because she was sure it was bigger then mine. It wasn't. But two small guns are better then one.
 Then we glued individual beads around the mirror because I thought it would be better then stringing them first.
I might have been wrong well intentioned.
  Here is the finished product. Totally worth the effort I think.

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I am still working on making a real wallet for me. I want to make some more clay things. And some more button pendants. 
I LOVE to craft.

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Sasha said...

Very cute, ladies! :)

Moni said...

Very clever girls!

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Nice job! :)

Stephanie said...

this is soo cute! can't wait to try it for myself! :)

Anonymous said...

that is so friggin cool! I wonder who did that? and that adorable little baby girl in the picture who does she belong to? hehehehe


Kathy Trudeau said...

Beautiful! I have a whole bunch of light switch plates and electric plug plates at the house, I think in the garage if you want to go over and look, you are welcome to use whatever you need Tanya :)

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